Powerful solutions for gas and CHP gen-set control

ComAp's CHP smart control solution enable fast and easy control of your gen-sets and CHPs. With tens of thousands implemented projects worldwide, we have a proven expertise and solutions for any type of project regardless of complexity - from small to large sites, island to network parallel operations, pure power production to complex CHPs, running on natural gas, biogas or synthetic gas.

Key benefits

Reduce time to market
Our pre-programed solution allows you to control the gas gen-set very quickly, saving you time to focus on developing your expertise and business.

Realise any project, regardless of size or complexity
Not all projects are the same and customers can come to you with demanding requirements. ComAp’s solution enables you to adapt to such requirements in a very short time. The configurable internal PLC interpreter offers easy customisation, allowing you to implement almost any change and function on your own, keeping your valuable know-how in your company.

Maximise the solution uptime
Power generation or CHPs are making money when they are running or are available to run. When issues and interruptions occur, it is essential to immediately find and resolve them. ComAp offers detailed diagnostics of the whole control process for early problem detection, as well as a notifying system with alarms and messages to keep your system up and your operations efficient.

How it works

ComAp’s solutions are designed to typically control gas gen-sets which are used for electrical energy production. In cases where heat recovery systems are installed, forming a cogeneration or trigeneration system, ComAp’s solution can handle the complete control of the process.
Our system controls the essential parts of the gas engine (e.g. Air/Fuel ratio to secure safe and reliable operation and emissions compliance), ensures compliance to local standards norms and requirements (e.g. grid connection rules - Grid codes) and interface to other on-site products such as ignition and others. Detailed system diagnostics are available both locally and remotely to make sure your system is available and running smoothly.

Our InteliSys Gas controller is compliant to the latest grid codes requirements in Europe, USA, and other countries around the world.
ComAp’s InteliSys Gas controller can interface to on-engine ECU or can act as engine controller including Air/Fuel ratio control.
ComAp offers a wide range of remote displays, ranging from smaller 5” screen, 8” up to 12” Touch for single sets, or 18” Touch panel for the site overview.
The InteliSys Gas controller offers an intuitive, powerful PLC interpreter which enables you to easily design a logic for auxiliary control, including e.g. cogeneration, CHP.
The site can be controlled and monitored via any laptop or portable device using WebSupervisor. In addition to the web app, a free iOS/Android app is also available.

CHP solutions - find the right fit for you

ComAp’s solution for gas gen-sets and CHP are being used by various customer groups. The solution meets the variety of requirements typical for CHP packagers, the demanding legislation requirments typical for OEMs, and it also meets the flexibility requirements set by system integrators and retrofitters

ComAp solution for MAN® gas engines

MAN® gas engines are very popular in the power generation industry, especially with packagers. Our ComAp control system is compatible with these gas engines and has been implemented on thousands of different types of MAN® engines. 

Our system controls the whole engine, alternator and the final application, e.g., CHP, providing customers with numerous benefits including fast time to market, the possibility to design simple and very complex projects and helping them to maximise the solution uptime.

ComAp solution for MWM® gas gen-sets

ComAp's control system is the No.1 option for major packagers of MWM® gas engines and gen-sets. With our solution these customers benefit from an easy interface with the MWM® engine control system, they get a simple solution for alternator control and easy implementation of the CHP part, which is available for them without any additional costs.  

ComAp solution for Jenbacher® gas gen-sets

ComAp's control system can be used on top of Jenbacher®'s gen-sets in cases where these machines are added to an existing fleet of gen-sets from different brands and there is a need for unified power management and load sharing. 

ComAp takes care of running of the entire site optimisation to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and operational costs. 

ComAp solution for Cummins® gas gen-sets

ComAp is one of the factory default systems used on Cummins® HSK78G gas gen-sets. End customers using this Cummins® gas gen-set can benefit from ComAp's intuitive and simple system, providing smart control operations both locally on site and remotely around the globe.

ComAp solution for engines with an ECU or engine control system

ComAp offers a large number of compatible ECUs and control systems which we can interface to easily. Apart from engine control unit interface, ComAp's system typically controls the alternator and the final application, helping our customers meet various requirements -  from customer-specific ones, such as running schemes, to legislative requirements, such as Grid connections. 

These solutions can be implemented for CAT, Siemens (Guascor), Cummins, and other types of engines. 

ComAp solution for engines without an ECU or engine control system

If your gas engine does not have any control system or unit installed, ComAp can help you handle it. Our solution controls the entire engine, processing all engine and application sensors such as the ones for  pressure, temperature, levels etc. This helps secure safe and optimal running of the engine.

In addition, we take care of the alternator and the final application where the gen-set is used - e.g. a CHP. Typical examples of these solutions in practice are for MAN gas engines, Perkins and others.

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