InteliLite Controllers Now Support Hybrid Control for Single Gen-set Systems

The latest firmware update 1.6.0 for InteliLite 4 AMF 25 and InteliLite 4 MRS 16 opens a new realm to single-gen-set systems—the possibility of monitoring a backup battery or a PV system. This enhancement broadens the scope to telecommunication, rental, and other industries that typically utilise single-gen-set support. With this hybrid upgrade, InteliLite 4 AMF 25 and MRS 16 fully replace InteliLite Telecom from the previous version.

The new firmware enriches genset operation with detailed insights into backup battery metrics such as voltage, charging current, state of charge, and/or total capacity. This enables a gen-set controller, for example at a telecommunication site, to communicate with a battery and coordinate the power flow within the microgrid. During a power outage, the InteliLite 4 controller takes a measured approach, activating the genset only when the backup battery reaches a predefined discharge threshold.

This intelligent strategy saves a significant amount of fuel and leverages hybrid technology to its fullest, even at the smallest scale, ensuring efficient use of on-site resources. Battery status can be tracked via ComAp´s DC measurement module, Inteli AIO9/1, or sourced from the rectifier or Battery Management System via Modbus communication. 

Advanced Features for Superior Performance

The InteliLite 4 hybrid enhancement is packed with the following advanced features:

  • Full Battery Charge: This feature alternates charging/discharging conditions for each nth charging cycle, allowing for substantial fuel savings and extending battery life by implementing a full charge only on every nth cycle. 
  • Cycle Limitation: This feature contributes to the battery's longevity by controlling the number of charging/discharging cycles during outages.
  • Low Voltage Battery Disconnection: Protects the backup battery from deep discharge risks, preserving its health and functionality.
  • Silent Hours: A timer function that enables deeper battery discharge, delaying genset activation to minimise noise pollution during designated quiet periods.
  • Redesigned Interface for Enhanced User Experience 
    The InteliLite 4 hybrid interface has been redesigned to present all essential information at a glance. The main display now showcases a comprehensive hybrid system diagram, while subsequent screens provide detailed measurements of critical parameters from the battery, PV, and rectifier. 
    With robust PLC logic, customisable protections, and a flexible approach to internal values and signals, the InteliLite 4 controller is an ideal solution for any non-parallel hybrid application, setting a new standard in energy management. 

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