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WebSupervisor is a cloud-based system designed for monitoring, data analysing and management of ComAp and third-party devices. It provides you with an easy overview of all your devices, their operational status, location and other important data, and alerts you in case of potential issues. Using its powerful reporting and analysis tools, you can optimise the revenue for your gen-set fleet, minimise downtime and reduce maintenance costs. 
  • Top-level security
  • Overview of your entire fleet with one tool
  • Instant alarm notifications
  • Geo-tracking and geo-fencing of a unit
  • Sophisticated data reporting & analysis
  • Easy screen layout creation and edits
  • API to download and reuse data
  • Mobile application 


Manage your fleet securely from anywhere in the world with WebSupervisor, getting a comprehensive information on the status of the devices, their exact location and all relevant data to optimise your operations.

WebSupervisor offers:

  • Enhanced security protection with Multifactor Authentication            
  • Safe operations on Microsoft Azure cloud servers
  • Geo-tracking and geo-tracking of units             
  • Advanced Unit and User management with definition of own roles and permissions               
  • Sophisticated data dashboards, automated trends analysis and data reports that can be configured according to your needs       
  • Alarm analyser and report, showing the frequency and duration of potential issues and enabling you to reduce maintenance costs and increase the gen-sets’ uptime            
  • Easy-to-set-up email and mobile phone notifications for various actions, such as loss of communication, fuel tank limit level, number of gen-sets in use, etc.              
  • User activity logger to monitor and record user actions to help you solve potential human-error issues              
  • Screen editor for easy modification and setup of your screens for the Websupervisor application              
  • Possibility to include webcam feeds for increased monitoring and theft protection              
  • API enabling you to download and store complete data from WebSupervisor on your premises and potentially integrate it in CRM, ERP, PowerBI or other third-party software

     For more information please visit the WebSupervisor portal

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